Monday, June 13, 2016

Artist: Bitchtits

Bitchtits live up to the name: Because if you're like me, and just so happen to possess the titular pejorative, you'll check your resentment just long enough to behold the introductory mashup of get-healthy-quick promos -- a promising lead in a song called "Fuck Your 'Perfection'." The song thrashes along nicely with poppy call-and-response at :55 and expressive guitar bridging at 1:12. But the hero of the song is when the mashup returns, only to be elevated with Avalanches-level melodic glitches at 2:23.
The other standout for me was "My Body (My Party)." It's partially due to the fact that dude-without-bitchtits rocks a synthesizer, not a bass. (I suppose this could be a turn-off for the dark-minded of the punk set. But surely the band's name, along with the show poster's gar/alligator/dinosaur head, gave those punkers the heads-up.) It made the band for me, though it only works since the entire band bought in. The Bitchtits EP is all pop and energy and the zany fun that comes with toying on the Moog. But with socially just content that hints at Bitchtits not having much beef with actual bitchtits. 

*** The author of this review, Allen Murray, plays the tamborita for the following band:

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