Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LIVE! Bulletproof Tongue

Artist: Bulletproof Tongue
Link: http://bulletprooftongue.tumblr.com/
Bulletproof Tongue is a three-piece with a drummer for a singer. Quite unlike Genesis though, Bulletproof Tongue sings about fucking dragons. BT boasts an experienced lineup that can rock at least two instruments (vocals included) -- with the drummer ending up on three. The bassist and drummer actually switched places without losing a step. At its best, BT brings us minimalist riffs filled in by a rumbling rhythm section. They're Jesus Lizard without the "Tight 'n' Shiny" (http://timeoutchicago.com/music-nightlife/music/65699/yow-oughta-know)... yet. That is, I wouldn't put it past the charismatic drummer/lead singer to provide equally memorable stage antics down the road. And as for the dragon-fuck: as the Bulletproof Tongue song goes, "it was alright."

*** The author of this review, Louis Coleman, plays the inyahura for the following band: http://youtu.be/tMS73-1kCr8

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