Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LIVE! Lilith Velkor

Artist: Lilith Velkor
Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lilith-Velkor/174380796751
Lilith Velkor is the bastard offspring of Nirvana and Sonic Youth. Singer/guitarist Armando is Kurt before he lost his voice. (He could possess an even greater range.) For the most part, this rock trio bashes it out without forgetting to make the music memorable. But it was the rare instrumental that showcased what was glimpsed elsewhere in flashes: Like a broken jack-in-the-box, startling stops and starts set up a fascinating array of bizarre intonations. A fan of Sonic Youth, this would be Kurt's music had he made it out of the 90's. But Armando and Lilith Velkor are alive and kicking, perhaps the successor to spaz-rockers At the Drive-In (with whom LV shares a manic energy) and to their aforementioned kinfolk.

*** The author of this review, Adam Price, plays the gran cassa for the following band: http://youtu.be/tMS73-1kCr8

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